Islam Teaches

What Islam Teaches About Money, Wealth & Health?

I learned from Some Hathees that Allah Likes the Strong Beliver than the weak Believer. Strong In the Sense that they’re financially, physically and mentally strong Believers are more beneficialy to the community than the one weak financially, healthily and mentally.

Strong Believers can contribute their wealth for good causes like poverty, education, and spreading the religion and who are physically strong can can do greater things they too can contribute in many ways when they are active and strong, Mentally strong beliver can do and inspire other to do good things.

Everything Start with Niyath, There is an Hathees ( Inn amal Aimal bin Niyath), in the all the Action’s result ends up with Intention. As a Muslim Believer, we are in this world for the very short period of time, Allah gave this life to test us how we believe, behave, act in accordance with what he commanded and abstain from what he prohibited. Allah commands us to first of All Believe in Allah, his Power, His Supremacy and Prophets, Angels and the Unknown Creations including Angels, Jinns, Akhirah, Haven and Hell, and commands us to DO the Good things.

One Quran Ayath Says, The Best Among you, brings the most benefits to others. We’ve to ponder here, others’ not only Includes Muslims, it includes, all of the human kind, and living and non living things.

What’s the benefit for being a Good Muslim Allah Promises to in this world and hereafter better life, Allah also says in the quran , yes there will be some temporary turbulances and set-backs like when we drive / Sail / Fly it’s normal, believers take this as part of the life journey and say’s Innalillahi Va inna Ilaihi Rajivun, ( We’re to return…..), and he promises his mercy and help, Allah also says he is very near, he is most forgiving and merciful in many places in Quran those who are repent and stop doing the bad things they indulged in the past, whatever the quantity may be, even if it’s of size of the tallest mountain in the world, or the quantity of the bubbles in the ocean . Who else can give this kind of Mercy, Pardon, for this kind of Sins except Allah.

To become the strong Muslim Needs effort, to do financially well, change of mindset needed, One should believe that they can accumulate wealth, they too can do good deeds, in the form of providing zakath, sadaqah, spreading the knowledge, teaching the skills and knowledge they learned, doing the voluntary work, thinking innovatively to do good for living and non living things including environment, etc.,

Allah promises abundance of knowledge, wealth, health, in this world and hereafter, who believes and do good deeds.

How we can earn all this, all needs effort, there is a hathees saying, believe in Allah and Tie your camel too, Allah promises sustenance and abundance, he promises for every creation he created, destined their rizk, examples he mentions in the quran and hathees include, he bring back the life to the earth after it dead through rain, it provide us fruits & vegetables, for us and animals. It’s all need simply to go for it and take it as Nike’s Just do it! Without doing anything or not acting at all or leaving the camel without tying won’t bring anything.

All Needs effort, we’ve to make an effort to grow our money in a halal way, to enjoy the fuits of labour including having a beautiful home, going for enjoyable holidays with family and friends, giving the best education for the kids, having great food and helping the community are completely permissible, also being healthy and mentally strong needs efforts.